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Relo Solutions Group is so much more than just specialty relocation support service

Elevate your relocation experience with Relo Solutions Group, your trusted partner in third-party relocation services. Our dedicated team specializes in expert crating and packaging solutions, ensuring the utmost care for your belongings during the move. Whether you’re relocating your home or office, our comprehensive services cover everything from delicate items like glassware to the secure packaging of furniture. We pride ourselves on being the backbone of your relocation journey, offering top-notch crating and packaging expertise that guarantees a stress-free and successful move. Partner with us for a seamless experience, where your satisfaction is our priority.

We Offer Different Types of Crating For Your Individual Needs

Solid Export

Durable Export Crates are tailor-made for your shipment, whether it’s destined for domestic or international transport. These robust export crates are fully enclosed, featuring high-quality barriers that provide optimal protection against challenging transit conditions. The skid base is strategically employed to support the load and facilitate efficient handling throughout the shipping process.


Custom-designed reusable crates are meticulously crafted based on your specific requirements. Notable features encompass hinged access doors, detachable panels, Plexiglas viewports, compartments, and internal shock-absorbent systems.


Flat-pack crates, also known as knockdown crates, are crates that come disassembled, allowing for easy assembly and loading by the customer. Comprising a skid, four walls, and a lid, these crates can be stored flat and stacked efficiently before assembly. This design offers the convenience of keeping them in stock until required for packing.


Skeleton crates present a cost-effective alternative to shipping cargo without protection, and their structure adapts to the contours of irregularly shaped goods. Significantly lighter than enclosed crates, skeleton crates have the potential to reduce your overall shipping expenses.

Custom Skidding

We can customize our skids to match any size and strength requirements specific to your product standards. These skids may include 4×4 runners or feet, planked with 2×12 lumber, and reinforced with special metal banding. Custom skids are ideal for situations where heavy or industrial items may not necessitate a full crate but require a sturdy base for loading and transportation.

On-Site Crating

Relo Solutions Group has been the go to choice for moving companies and relocation companies, real estate agents, and homeowners for years…to provide expert packing and crating services for what ever is needed.. Relo Solutions Group has a vast network of skilled craftsmen who can construct custom on-site crates for your particular application. We offer Slat Crating, Fine Art Crating, International Crating, and crates for medical and industrial applications.


Relo Solutions Group is the go-to choice for moving companies, relocation companies, art galleries, auction houses, museums, real estate agents, national retailers, and homeowners for years to provide expert packing and crating services. Our nationwide network of service technicians and experienced white glove movers can handle any size project and the work is guaranteed to your satisfaction.


Piano Services are done by our experts which includes disassembly/reassembly, packing/unpacking, crating/uncrating, and relocation. Our highly skilled professionals (who are background checked) can accommodate all types of pianos.


Relo Solutions Group offers skilled Service Technicians (who are background checked and insured) to disassemble and assemble your pool/billiard table. We understand how delicate the process can be, but this is not our first rodeo! We will complete the job safely and professionally-and do so in a very cost effective manner. You will have peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.


Moisture vapor barrier foil bags for shipping and storing moisture sensitive products such as Artwork, Furniture, Medical Devices, Electronics, and Automotive Parts. Leave it to the experts at Relo Solutions.


Relo Solutions Group is the national single solution for all your shipping needs. We provide our customers with custom crates, pallets, and corrugated packaging. All our wooden products meet international shipping standard ISP. Your satisfaction with our quality, price and customer service is our top priority. As a national company, we can design and build custom pallets, crates and corrugated boxes for your unique products and specifications in a timely and cost-effective fashion- which is tailored for you. We also offer special pick-ups request, on-site packaging services anywhere in the United States.

Packaging Materials Supply Store

If you're preparing for an upcoming move, ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition by obtaining top-notch cardboard boxes and other packing materials. Choose to acquire your supplies from seasoned professionals for the best value. At Relo, we provide a variety of moving supplies at highly competitive prices.

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