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We make it easy to ship commercial or house hold good items. Order a cube (46x46x47H) or Tower (46x46x80H). We simply drop off your crate and customer will pack their freight within 2 business days. Let us know when crate is packed and ready for pick up. Relo’s crates are safe, secure and easy.

We Drop Off

We drop off your empty crate.

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You pack your goods on your timeline.

We Deliver

We pick up and deliver the full crate.

With Relo’s wooden shipping crates, we can ship anything, large or small and nationwide.

Let’s us help with your small move shipment! Fill out the quote below.

Packaging Materials Supply Store

If you're preparing for an upcoming move, ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition by obtaining top-notch cardboard boxes and other packing materials. Choose to acquire your supplies from seasoned professionals for the best value. At Relo, we provide a variety of moving supplies at highly competitive prices.

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