Discard & Donate Program

Do you want to join a growing number of companies that cut costs, not trees?

Relo Solutions Group has a national network of professional organizers to provide in-home pre and post-move services.

Benefits of the Discard and Donate Program:

  • Having a professional organizer assist them in preparing for their move. Part consultant, part coordinator and part hard worker, our organizers provide customized assistance to support the transferee and their families.
  • Will save your company money by reducing the size of the household goods shipment.
  • This helps reduce the overall environmental footprint of the move. Less packing material helps to save trees and the reduced weight saves fuel.
  • Over 65% of household goods eliminated through the Discard and Donate program are donated back to the local community.

Lower your moving costs, while helping your community and the environment.

We can help!

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