In-Home Move Surveys

In-home move surveys done by trained professionals

Each residential move is as unique as the people who are moving. While some elements of the moving process are always the same, there are enough unique elements to every move to make receiving an in-home estimate essential. The true value of the in home survey is as much about developing a unique move plan for your move as it is about seeing your belongings and coming up with a price quote. What someone may consider normal or easy is often much more involved then they may realize. Even on small moves, the in-home survey is so much more than just receiving a price quote and an inventory of the items being moved. The inventory may in fact be the simplest part of the moving process. During the survey, the move estimator is also working with you to create a unique moving plan that will account for any challenges. Truck access, crew size, equipment and material needs, and other special requirements are all noted during the in-home estimate. The overall success of the move is largely determined by the information gathered at the time of the survey.

The Importance of an In-Home Survey

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