Robotic Warehouse Assembly Services

Equipment and Shelving Robotic Assembly Services for Commercial Facilities

Relo Solutions Group partners with a robotic technology company to provide warehouse assembly services. Our team will work with you to understand your warehouse floor and space needs to create the most efficient robotic assembly and moving system possible.

What is Robotic Warehouse Automation?

Robotic warehouse automation utilizes programmed robotics to carry out specialized functions to help streamline packaging, receiving, and shipping processes. By using automatic robotics, commercial businesses can improve warehouse efficiency, reduce shipping errors, lower costs, and save resources. Robots of various sizes can be programmed to carry out a variety of tasks based on your specific warehouse layout and procedures.

Case Study: Warehouse Shelving and Robotic Automation for Ariat

Relo Solutions Group was contacted by one of the largest robotic companies to partner on a robotic warehouse assembly project for their customer, Ariat.

The Customer Problem

Ariat built a new 300,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Dallas, TX and wanted to incorporate the latest modern robotic automation systems to make their warehouse as efficient as possible. Since this warehouse construction was brand new, it first had to be properly organized and constructed. Then the robotic systems needed to be integrated into Ariat’s existing warehouse operation procedures.

The Relo Solutions Group Result

The Relo Solutions Group team worked with the robotics engineering team to assemble the warehouse shelving units and automate the robots to transport the units to their assigned locations on the warehouse floor. Several quality and process tests were conducted to ensure the automation programs were created and carried out successfully by the robots.

Once all the shelving units had been created, the robots were programmed to carry out specific tasks in the order receiving and product shipping process. The robots were automated to receive an order, find the product in the warehouse, deliver the product shelf to a warehouse technician, and then return the shelf to its proper location.

Using this process, Ariat was able to streamline its warehouse shipping and receiving process while also reducing the number of resources needed to manage the warehouse. By integrating robotic warehouse automation, Ariat can reduce product delivery time to its customers and increase bottom line revenue.

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